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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  As a new restaurant what benefits will I get?

A.  1. We can bring you NEW business by opening your business up to individuals ordering online as well as lunchtime orders from our corporate clients.
2. In addition we provide a fully insured delivery business to help get your order to all those customers who just can't get away from their desk for lunch or who require food for lunchtime meetings.
3. Our marketing efforts will help bring attention to your restaurant.

Q.  I am a restaurant owner, how do I sign up to get more orders?

A.  Click HERE and fill in the details about your business. We will get in touch with you to get the ball rolling.

Q.  Is it true can deliver for my restaurant?

A.  Yes … Its true. Get in contact and we will explain the various services we can offer to help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Q.  How can I receive new order?

A.  We can send you orders via Email, SMS, or phone. Phone calls can be automated or by a person. We also offer an app available on most smart-phones. In special circumstances we can integrate into your POS. You can choose any of the above options .... Totally up to you.

Q.  How do I know how much I earned end of the day?

A.  At the end of every day we will send you an email giving you a summary of all orders on the day. Our end of day reports are fully customisable so just get in touch to find out more. Email us on or phone 020 30 868 867.

Q.  How do I order on

A.  The order process consists of four simple steps:

1. Enter POSTCODE: Please use the two parts of your post code.
2. Choose RESTAURANT: Finding your restaurant – You can use our quick search box or filter your search by cuisine, highest rated or most liked restaurants. After that, select your restaurant and view the menu. Adding food to your order is quick and easy by scrolling through the menu categories. Add all the food you want in your order to your order basket.
3.Time to CHECKOUT: Pay for your order and include any additional requests (eg. Please include chopsticks). Choose a saved address for delivery or add a new one.
4. Delivery TRACKER: Get real time updates on the status of your order as it passes to the kitchen and is collected by the driver. We take pride in the speed of your delivery. You can stay up-to-date on the progress of your order using our Delivery Tracker, and see the steps we take to get your meal quickly to your door.

Q.  How do you calculate delivery charge?

A.  Delivery charges are based on the distance.

Q.  Can I collect?

A.  Yes. Simply select this option in your order basket, on the restaurant detail page, or on the "when and where tab" when you checkout.


Q.  What makes different?

A.  Unlike typical takeaway delivery services, Dine In focuses on top quality restaurants that don’t typically have delivery services. Think of sit down places where the meal is generally delivered to you on nice plates by a waiter who takes your coats and pours your wine. We take pride in finding London’s best and finest restaurants and bringing the experience straight to your door.

Restaurants are added because we consider them to be of the highest quality - or they have proved their popularity with our customers via our suggest a restaurant page. Feel free to add your own favourite London restaurant for consideration. Along with our advanced tracking platform, you will receive top-notch food and know exactly when it will arrive. Fine Dining at Home, We Deliver.

Q.  What if I am not around when the delivery driver arrives?

A.  We ask for your mobile and email during checkout for this reason. When our driver arrives he will contact you by phone, SMS and email. If you can't speak to him, please text him back. Our drivers will wait up to 10 minutes before leaving for the next order. If we have tried this and waited for 10 minutes we will have to move and re-deliver food later. We have to keep our other hungry customers happy as well. You will still be charged for the meal and delivery charge, so keep an eye on your phone!

Q.  Who delivers my food?

A.  Dine In delivery staff are thoroughly trained drivers and are the middle-men between you and the restaurant. They accept the package from the restaurant, make sure it remains fresh and ready to eat in our advanced temperature control units and they bring the food to your door with a smile on their face. Speed and freshness are our number one objectives. We do have a few restaurants that deliver themselves which are clearly indicated on each restaurant page as well as the 'track your order' page.

Q.  What if my food is not as ordered?

A.  If your food is cold, not made to order, missing items or a completely wrong dish please contact us as soon as possible and we will rectify the situation.

Q.  Can I combine orders from multiple restaurants?

A.  This service is not currently available, however we hope to have it up and running soon! If you would like to provide any suggestions, please feel free to contact us for desired features.

Q.  Has my order been confirmed?

A.  Once we receive your payment we then communicate the order to the selected restaurant. Most of the time this is done electronically however, sometimes restaurants are busy and they always need to check to see if all the ordered items are available. Due to this, there will be a lag time between your order and order confirmation email. If something is not available or the order is taking longer than usual, we will give you a phone call to confirm we have the order.

Q.  Why is my food late?

A.  In the event your food has failed to be delivered in a reasonable time, please contact us and we will make sure everything is resolved promptly.

Q.  What if the driver’s behaviour is unacceptable?

A.  Our drivers are fully trained to maintain a pleasant and respectable transaction. If you have any problems or complaints about one of our drivers please let us know.

Q.  Is tipping required?

A.  Our drivers work hard to bring your food in a timely and friendly manner. Tips are not required, but if you feel the service was great, give them some love!

Q.  Why don’t you deliver to my area?

A.  Our range of delivery areas is rapidly expanding every day. If you would like us to consider expanding to your area, please contact us.

Q.  Can I pre-order?

A.  Yes. Just place your desired food delivery time in the “when and where” tab during checkout.

Q.  What is the minimum order?

A.  Minimum order sizes depend on the restaurant you are ordering from. Please refer to the restaurant information page for minimum order requirements.


Q.  Why register with

A.  Registration allows you quick access to your saved delivery addresses, phone numbers and previous orders. Therefore, whenever you return to the order process will be quick and easy.

Q.  Do you charge the same prices as the restaurant does in the restaurant?

A.  Most restaurants elect to use the same pricing as the in-restaurant menu, although there may be exceptions.


Q.  What are my payment options?

A.  Due to security purposes we can only accept payment through credit and debit cards.

Q.  Is my personal information safe on your site?

A.  No customer or payment information provided to, will ever be stored on our site or given to any third parties unless you give us permission when you register. When you place an order we store your basic details. We only do this to help speed up your ordering process the next time you use Dine In.
We will never share this information with any third party. We are registered with the Information Commissioner Office (Z2541052) and take your privacy very seriously, if you have questions please contact us. We take your privacy very seriously and maintain that our sites and servers are completely secure. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Q.  What’s this credit card fee?

A.  With all credit card processing systems, the credit card companies require a fee for every purchase through our website.

Q.  Why can’t I pay in cash?

A.  For the security of our drivers and to prevent fraudulent transactions we cannot accept any payment options besides credit or debit cards.

Q.  What are the benefits of signing up for the corporate program?

1. Full integration into your internal accounting systems
2. Customised online reports
3. Single billing – No more individual expense sheets from employees
4. A dedicated account manager
5. Administration logins for you to control which employees can bill which clients and projects
6. Ability to setup customer client and project codes

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